Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another lil art journal...

Greetings all. I'd like to announce today, that I am a sheep! bahhhhh! Meaning, I have caved and have followed many to this website, to create an art blog, to show the world my very weirdo interpretation of art. Ahem, well then.

I have blogged before, but never to show art. So this is a first. Hopefully my will power will keep this lil page updated often for your critical eyes :D

As I have no pictures yet, I'd like to take the opportunity to show you pictures I have never posted: The process of creating the mural in Colonel By Secondary School's music room :D Looking at it now, I know I could've done such a better job. But considering the time I did this in (due to procrastination) This is a decent piece for 1 weeks time. Enjoy!

It's really hard to show in the pictures: The mural was done on six 4 by 8 feet panels of masonite, layed out on my basement floor. You can kind of see 5 there, and due to that pole, it was impossible to fit 6 panels together.

The Line art was done in chalk pastel, so to erase involved painting everything over :D

You can kind of see the scale of the painting back hurt a lot, and my feet were always cold :( No heating in basement in the winter. nope.
A Slightly better progress view...
As you can see, its a big mural. Composition could be better, proportions could be a ton better but all it all, satisfactory :D

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Anonymous said...

I <3 that mural weffykins;)
bet you don't know who I am:P