Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Searching searching...

Posters are poppin up all over the school searching for help for films, preparing for the looming second semester...

I for one am searching for a Pianist (ideally classically trained) to perform/record Clementi's Sonatina in C Op 36 N. 3

Help me out, if you guys know of someone poke me! Thanks!

Edit: Excited! Got recordings coming up! Thanks for the email guys!

Friday, October 15, 2010

As Promised, the 3rd year film...

Oddysea from Stephanie Chan on Vimeo.

I am still very mixed emotions about this film, but for sure and super proud of everyone who helped put this together!

Sorry, I really haven't updated in a while. But soon! Here is the film from that year, that took hours to upload due to slow internet, heh.

Next post will hopefully be with the new leica for the 4th year film (so many new ones, with new boards!) and some development art. Oh how I wish I had a scanner at home!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ridiculously sick. Its not a happy moment. People who say it is awesome to get sick so they can stay home and be lazy obviously don't get sick enough to feel its pain. How frustrating! Although I WAS getting better, I took a nice 180 degree turn on Friday. My fault, but it was soooo worth it! My Cintiq arrived! Had it sent to a friend's place which is a 20 min walk (ish) away. It was warm and cold (yeah..somewhere jumped a lot) and super windy, but I made the trek for it. So I am sick, but got a new toy to play with.

Gave me the chance to finish this piece I started almost a year ago!

One of the last WoW fanarts I'll do in a while (as I have no interest, or the money to play the game). Also a good send off piece...from what I hear, if I rejoin WoW, soul harvesting will be removed from the game...

So here is my piece in dedication to the weird evil soul draining things warlocks did.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More digging...

I was going through some more stuff, and found some sketches I did in the summer using MS Paint. Wow that program in Windows 7 has come such a long way. Considering my computer is still running Windows XP and Co, I spent a considerable amount of my break time playing in Paint with a Cintiq. Rough Sketches (apologies I seem to have located only fanart...)

While I'm at it, here's some fanart work from over the summer. Wanted to focus on learning Digital line art.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cleaning out the server...

Spent the day story boarding and finishing up my leika v.1 for this year's film. So far I'm not really pleased with the results. Will tweek it a bit more then post for help. Sheridan got so many cintiqs in this year, it's great! I'm ordering mine soon, but will try to make do a little while longer.

Also had some fun times going through the server, backing up and cleaning out the stuff from last year. Reminded me that I didn't post the link to our film. Here is some stuff I fished out of the server that hibernated over the summer months...

Responsible only for the water splash. Everything else (including compositing) was completed by Qian Wang.

Animated Traditional (flipping and rolling paper!)
Coloured in Flipbook
Composited in Adobe After Effects

Monday, August 9, 2010

Last few days...

I finish Coop on Wednesday, which is a sad thought. There is still so much I want to do here! Currently workingon developing the fourth year film which is a nice little bumpy ride. Okay maybe a big bump. Anyways, I'll post more of that later on. Here is some of the work I did at Big jump the last three months!

Design a girl, and rigged her in Flash. This is her rotation.

A Rough animation done in Flash on a Cintiq in the first week of Coop. Quite a scary moment, since it was hard to get used to the fact that I have put hesitation lines down like with a Col-erase!

The Clean up of the sneak. There are so many problems with this but I'll refrain from fixing them. Learnt a lot about how terrible my original rig was from this XD

And finally a walk cycle that can be reused. Some took a few days, some took a few weeks, some as many as 4 retries! But in the end, if its nailed, you only gotta animate it once :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life at Big Jump

Big Jump has been amazing, and its sad to think there is only 2 weeks left until I gotta leave. When I first got here, they had just moved into the building maybe 6 days earlier, so they set me down with a gorgeous cintiq and pretty much had me stay put until they wrapped up their comps install and getting the last of the stuff from the Merivale location (for those familiar with Ottawa, they were in the CTV building that caught fire earlier this year)

The location is so interesting! Its situated on the path to the Ottawa International Airport, so every day you can hear these huge planes fly over us! Also located close to T&T supermarket which I visit far too often for my waists to appreciate. But the food is so yummy...(being deprived of Chinese food at school...I love this place!)

Things are relatively quiet, as they are waiting to get into production. Having just finished Ben Bear, everyone is probably pooped. Once in a while some storyboard artists pop in, but mostly just the directors. Its interesting to see the difference work environment in comparison to corporate/government. So I sit here at my lil desk and doodle away, watching as this studio settles in (coffee machines, vending machines, new comps and new tablets/cintiz installed)

Then there was the earthquake in June. I think it was the 23? That was scary! We usually get a lot of rumbles here and there, from passing trucks, garbage trucks and planes overhead. So when the rumble started, I just thought it was that. But it kept going, and everything was shaking, dust coming off the ceiling! Initially thought an airplane crashed or something, but thankfully ..just an earthquake!

Remember what they taught in school kids! When an earthquake hits, duck under the table!

Summer's almost over!

I really do suck as updates but stuff is coming up! Spent most of my summer cooping at Big Jump Production, an Ottawa based studio who just completed S4 of The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, airing this fall! Its been awesome here, so great that they've granted me an extension here into August!

I don't have too much to show, since Flash is still so new to me. Practiced a few storyboards from the Ben Bear scripts, which makes it so much less scary. Also created and rigged a character in flash for animation:

It is surprisingly scary how long it took to rig her up, and even then not all parts could've been used for animation. Good thing though: Clean up is done~!

I have also uploaded a portfolio website to http://www.chanimated.com/

I'm not too happy with the layout at the moment but fixing it isn't a priority. Currently focusing on creating a proper demo reel and media player, or I might just cheat and use Vimeo/Youtube (which do you suggest?)

So much still to update on, and will try to do so over the next few weeks! As for those who are still waiting on Oddysea being uploaded, I'm procrastinating and you can kick me if you wish.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Survived the 3rd year film!

Still in recovery mode from the weird film hours during the last few months. It was quite strange as I needed to work at the studio for the light tables, but need super quietness, which means either getting up before the birds.

Working with everyone was amazing, really got to know a lot of people really well. From work ethics to interest... definetely interesting.

Sadly our film did not turn out as solid as we could've made it. I think a few hours more would've done the trick for uniting the scenes however the screening yesterday went pretty favourable... we hit many of the gags, and the projector helped desaturated the screen (yay! color unification...) I feel horrible for having not been more on top of things so that the last week could've been spent helping others, but overall pretty content. Ashlyn, we've seen your baby through! :D

Currently working on getting a copy online, but for now, I'll post some stills of a splash I made for Qian's scene.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It has been a long time since the last post. Group film is taking up a lot of time nowadays, and still I feel super behind. Looking forward to summer to restart website since Awardspace had a major server crash....

For now, some gals...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oddysea - Colour Script

Work in progress, version 1 for Oddysea colour script

These were completed with minimal shading as we were testing out base colours before applying textures on top (to hopefully make it more children's book style). That's next round...
Although completely accidental, I noticed that the first panel in the last row could be improved...

yeah...I need sleep...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Watercolour art dump.

Bought watercolour pencil crayons recently, since I've been on a "try new mediums!" binge... which is great! Minus the cost on the wallet...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life Drawing- Watercolours

I don't usually post life drawings due to the fact its not my strongest points. But whenever I look back a few months, I always regret not having anything that shows progress...or just not having anything at all...so these are from Week 5 session, Derek as a Pirate. Started trying painting life drawings which is remarkably stressful, considering watercolours are one of my fave mediums. Guess that comes from trying to do 30 sec in paint...

Anyways, here's a bunch from that class, hopefully better paintings come along, worthy of a Mark Thurman Portfolio :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To a New Years! (Concept to Flash)

So I've been away from the net for a week, being in Ottawa is wonderful as always! Wanted to post this sooner, but oh well...

Many thanks goes to Nick Hendriks for providing me an awesome layout to paint for the Flash in the last post! Told him the concept of it last minute and got this awesome sketch done asap!

Rendered to:

Some more girl work...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

24 Hour film!

So for the first time, going to participate in the 24 hour film, which sadly isn't 24 hour straight this time...

Since a friend of mine is also learning flash, we're totally going to tackle it with that program, and hope it can all be done ontime!

....and its about Canada...yay!

Speaking of Canada, will upload this: Reinterpretation of Hansel and Gretel from the old lady's point of view....

It was strange seeing the parallel since Canada launched various commercials relating to Elder Abuse. Elder abuse is in so many forms, such as traumatic (HER HOUSE IS BEING EATEN BY STRANGERS), or financial loss/abuse (the house is her asset), or...not sure what its called, but younger generations pressure elders to die off so that they can inherit (Kids not only kill her, they STEAL her chest of jewels)...

Yes, an amusing project!