Monday, August 22, 2011

One Hectic Summer...almost over!

It's hard to believe that summer is over...but doesn't mean I haven't been arting! As most of you already know, I've moved back to Ottawa and joined the Big Jump Productions Crew to work on season 2 of Ugly Americans, currently airing on Comedy Network (in Canada) at 10:30pm!

Its always nerve wracking, the first always wonder..."what will they make me do?!" is quite horrifying. Although the technique is a little funky, it was similiar enough to how the school film was approached..partial symbol animation, majority classically done... and the first scene assigned? A naked, hairy man yelling scary things into the telephone... D:

Anyways, updates are coming up, as soon as I am legally allowed to show stuff :) And once a scanner is purchased...anywhoos, stay tuned, and if you get the chance, you can catch a glimpse of season 1 and 2 here online!

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