Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random 'art' dump and A trip to the Nature Museum (Ottawa!)

Oh 2013 came so fast!

I keep looking back to 2012 wondering what was accomplished, as drawing definitely wasn't high on the list.

Instead, everything seemed to be food related! Or almost. Lots of baking after acquiring a beautiful new Kitchen Aid. Things like croissants and strudels...

Went back to childhood love of cross stitch and made this little number for a birthday present~

For the first time ever, my brother and I made a gingerbread house! I must say it was amusing watching my brother with a piping bag. Mum added a little addition of her Smart Car in front of the fence. Rather charming first try?

Late in 2012 while between contracts, I decided to sign up for cake decorating courses. It was definitely fun and eventually I signed up for a little cake contest. Theme: Winter

Nothing like cardinals feasting on seeds, eh?

As vowed every year, 'draw more'. And it is always easier when you got a friend in tow to follow the resolution with you!

Last weekend, despite the nasty weather that fell on our city,  Collin Tsandilis and I trekked over to Ottawa's Nature Museum to sketch/paint.

On a side note, another good friend of mine is kicking off her new years with more animation! See the almighty insanely bizarre work of Joyce Hu ~

That's all for now folks, hopefully get some more stuff up and hoping! This year's goal on top of sketches is food photography! Let's do this~


Phire said...

Omg! That smart car! :3

Stephanie said...

Haha, it was a present from almost 5 years ago! So glad it finally served a purpose greater than paperweight!