Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer's almost over!

I really do suck as updates but stuff is coming up! Spent most of my summer cooping at Big Jump Production, an Ottawa based studio who just completed S4 of The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, airing this fall! Its been awesome here, so great that they've granted me an extension here into August!

I don't have too much to show, since Flash is still so new to me. Practiced a few storyboards from the Ben Bear scripts, which makes it so much less scary. Also created and rigged a character in flash for animation:

It is surprisingly scary how long it took to rig her up, and even then not all parts could've been used for animation. Good thing though: Clean up is done~!

I have also uploaded a portfolio website to

I'm not too happy with the layout at the moment but fixing it isn't a priority. Currently focusing on creating a proper demo reel and media player, or I might just cheat and use Vimeo/Youtube (which do you suggest?)

So much still to update on, and will try to do so over the next few weeks! As for those who are still waiting on Oddysea being uploaded, I'm procrastinating and you can kick me if you wish.

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