Friday, September 10, 2010

Cleaning out the server...

Spent the day story boarding and finishing up my leika v.1 for this year's film. So far I'm not really pleased with the results. Will tweek it a bit more then post for help. Sheridan got so many cintiqs in this year, it's great! I'm ordering mine soon, but will try to make do a little while longer.

Also had some fun times going through the server, backing up and cleaning out the stuff from last year. Reminded me that I didn't post the link to our film. Here is some stuff I fished out of the server that hibernated over the summer months...

Responsible only for the water splash. Everything else (including compositing) was completed by Qian Wang.

Animated Traditional (flipping and rolling paper!)
Coloured in Flipbook
Composited in Adobe After Effects

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